Welcome to Placely!

By JD Lasica on December 17, 2012 in | 0 Comment.


We are bringing more signal to geolocation

Welcome to Placely. We’re a startup focused on community-powered tips for local residents, home buyers and visitors who want to discover the best things to do and see from locals who know their towns and cities best.

Think of us as a geolocation-based discovery engine.

We’re still building the rest of our team. Please contact us if you’re interested in applying.

Placely is a mobile-first platform that takes the worry out of planning detailed itineraries in advance. Using a smartphone or tablet, Placely enables you to get a feel for interesting nearby destinations when you’re already out and about. Through GPS, Placely points you to nearby options and display images or videos along with short text, video or audio descriptions from community members and past visitors.

Our emphasis is on tips from knowledgeable locals, combined with experiences by friends in your networks, rather than reviews from random strangers or far-away experts. By encouraging people to document and curate meaningful places – getaways, rafting spots, hiking trails, offbeat stores, that special place where you fell in love – Placely rewards high signal and low noise, through community voting and real-world rewards and offers from local businesses and nationwide brands.

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